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YA-30 Broadband HF Antenna
The Yaesu YA-30 Broadband Dipole Antenna is designed to provide optimum performance over a wide frequency range.

The usual requirements for multiple antennas or an antenna tuner between the transceiver and the antenna are eliminated by the unique broadband design.

For best performance, the antenna should be installed with the radiating elements in a horizontal (flat top) configuragion, and as high as possible.
Very high quality dipole


Includes Balun, end insulators, 6 Spacers, and co-ax feedline

Specifications YA-30 Broadband HF Antenna
Frequency Range 1.6 to 30 MHz
Power Rating SSB: 150W PEP
  AM, FM, Data: 75 W  (TX 5 minutes MAX: RX 25 Minutes)
Input Impedance 50Ω
VSWR (typical) 2:1 from 1.6 to 18MHz, 3:1 above 18MHz
Length (m/ft) 25/83
Antenna Wire Material Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Coaxial Feedline 30m (100ft), supplied with PL-259 plug
  • Antenna Wire Assembly, 25m (assembled; includes centre connector and end insulators)
  • Co-ax Cable, 30m
  • Plastic Spacers, 6
  • Installation Instructions
Click to download YA-30 Info. (YA_30.pdf 1.3 Mb)
 Information for the Yaesu YA-30
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